Favorite Posts

favorite posts


Favorite Recipes

Creamy Vegan Mac & Cheese
Buffalo Chicken Rice Skillet
Green Power Bowl
Vanilla Almond Balls
Quick Curry Noodles With Toasted Cashews
Thai Basil Noodles
How to Make A Fabulous Smoothie Bowl


Vegan Travel – What I Bring to Eat
Vegan Travels to Berlin & Potsdam
Vegan Epcot Food And Wine Festival
Vegan Viking River Cruising: The Elbe
Vegan River Cruising: Czech Republic & Prague
Volunteering at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary


My Nutrition Degree & Future Plans
What Do “Natural” And “Organic” Really Mean?

Going Vegan

Going Vegan Part 1
Going Vegan Part 2
10 Essential Vegan Kitchen Staples
Vegan Meal Planning

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