Healthy Vegan Fridays #143

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

While most people don’t always believe me because of my dark hair and not-so-fair skin, I’m from Irish descent. Actually, that’s mostly all I knew growing up because my dad’s family was in Ecuador so I only had my Irish side of the family around. My nana always wanted me to remember her side of the family was from County Mayo in Ireland and when St Patrick’s Day comes around she’s especially in my heart.

I love to celebrate my Irish heritage with anything green on St. Paddy’s day. This morning I got up early and made a green smoothie bowl with a shredded coconut shamrock. Today I’m going to get green bagels for my co-workers for lunch and tonight I’ll be having some of my vegan Colcannon Soup.  I also won’t say no to some of that new vegan Bailey’s Irish liquor made with almonds that you may have seen me excited all excited about last week on my Instagram page.

Whether you’re Irish or not, may the luck of the Irish be with you today!



Healthy Vegan Fridays is an amazing weekly linkup for bloggers to share their delicious and healthy vegan food. This linkup is not restricted to recipes, though – feel free to share your posts on exercise & fitness, plant-based health & wellness,  and/or vegan travel, restaurant and cookbook reviews.

Don’t have a blog? Don’t worry! You can come and see what others have shared and find some tasty food to try!

Here are a few of our favorite recipes from last week!

The Ultimate Vegan Mac n Cheese ~ super creamy, rich & oh-so dreamy! It takes less than 30 minutes to make & it's gluten-free.
Vegan Hugg’s Ultimate Vegan Mac & Cheese looks creamy and delicious! Who would not want a bowl of this right now!? I know I do and it’s only 7am here!


vegan chocolate mint cake with kawaii accents

Vegandollhouse has done it again! This Grasshopper Cake looks unbelievable. I mean, just look at those Hello Kitty figures she made out of chocolate. Ah-mazing!


This post on How to Eat on $4.13 a Day from Veggie Quest is really eye opening. Lee shows what it’s like to try to buy food on a poverty budget. So many people say it’s difficult to eat plant-based because of costs but Lee shows it can be done.


Healthy Peanut Butter Cup Overnight Oats recipe / Running in a Skirt

I could probably eat Running in a Skirt’s Peanut Butter Cup Overnight Oats everyday! They look decadent but they’re still healthy!


Kimmy is sharing her amazing looking Mini Mint Coconut Cream Pies. These look like the perfect treat for St Patricks Day and they’re healthy too!


And I’m sharing my vegan Colcannon Soup. Traditional Irish Colcannon is made with potatoes and either cabbage or kale (along with some dairy products) but I made a veganized soup version that anyone can enjoy!


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13 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Fridays #143

  1. I didn’t know you were Irish! The Hubs family is 100% Irish… but that’s probably more obvious! Lol! Thanks for including my recipe in your roundup this week! Have a great St. Patty’s Day!

  2. Hi Mary Ellen, thanks to you and Kimmy for featuring the Veggie Quest post on eating healthy for cheap. 🙂
    And I LOVE your coconut shamrock. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    PS – Nanas are the best. ❤️️ I miss mine terribly; she was mostly Irish, too.

  3. I remember when I was little getting assignments from school to talk about your nationality. I was told by my parents I was part Irish, part German, and part Czech (or Slovak, there is debate about that XD) Well my Mom recently did a lot of research on our family tree and found out we have not one bit of Irish in our blood! We are Welsh, English, and French! Didn’t see the Welsh or French coming at all! I also could be part of the DAR (Daughter of the American Revolution)

    1. Oh wow! That is so cool to know all that! I’m supposed to be part Czech or Slovak too but I’ll have to see. I’m going to do 23andMe soon (more for school to see if I have any genetic SNPs) so I’ll check more of it out then.

  4. I didn’t know you had Irish Roots! Me too! Although it’s easier to see with my blue eyes and fair skin (and dreaded freckles haha). And well… may last name may be a dead give away. My grandpa came from Ireland, so St. Paddy’s Day is special to me too =) I ended up making Shepherd’s Pie (which I should have taken pictures of to blog about as it turned out ah-mazing), but I’m definitely eyeing up your delicious soup for some cooler weather we’ll be getting this week. Hope you enjoyed some Bailey’s girl!

    1. Haha, most people would not with the way I look but my mom’s side was Irish and that’s all I really knew growing up. 🙂

      You need to share your shepherd’s pie recipe! I’d love to see it!

      Oh you know I had me some Bailey’s!

  5. I missed joining in with St Patrick Day this year, do love your green soup – please do share with #EatYourGreens too, or any other green recipe you have. Its so amazing to learn how many people around the world have Irish ancestry.

    1. Hi Shaheen! I just linked up to Eat Your Greens. I actually did it before seeing this comment. 🙂 I need to remember that more because it’s a great link up.

      Yes, so many people around me have Irish ancestry. 🙂

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