Vegan Buffalo Chicken Rice Skillet

This Vegan Buffalo Chicken Rice Skillet is perfect for a football night dinner. Vegan chick’n, brown rice and veggies are smothered in hot sauce and topped with ranch sauce for a tasty meal! 

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Rice Skillet | Vegan chicken, brown rice & veggies make a perfect football meal! vegan recipe, buffalo chicken

I’m so obsessed with Buffalo anything – as you may have read in my quinoa buffalo balls post. I just can’t get enough of that hot sauce taste! The Super Bowl is coming up and I’m annoyed that the Dolphins are not in it again so I will be drowning my sorrows in vegan food. I was getting some recipes ready for Sunday and realized I didn’t have an actual entree for dinner. I thought I should eat something substantial even if it’s earlier in the day before I started getting into all of the fun appetizers when the game began – so I decided to create a full meal that would go with the celebrating.

I decided to use chick’n strips, then added in lots of veggies and some brown rice to keep the dish nutritious. All of these ingredients are simmered in hot sauce and topped with ranch sauce to make my Vegan Buffalo Chicken Rice Skillet!

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Rice Skillet | Vegan chicken, brown rice & veggies make a perfect football meal! vegan recipe, buffalo chicken

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Rice Skillet

When deciding on the veggies to add to my Buffalo Chicken Rice, my first choice was celery because it’s usually eaten with those flavors but let’s be honest, a little celery wasn’t cutting it. I also added carrots because they’re tasty and I felt like I needed one more veggie but couldn’t decide what it should be. I called my sister (because she’s my idea gal) and she recommended cauliflower. It was a great idea because it’s not an overwhelming flavor and can be cut into bite-sized pieces which would fit in with the recipe.

For the ranch, I used the sauce from my Ranch Pasta Salad but the sauce from my Buffalo Quinoa Balls would work too (you might just need to add a little extra liquid).


Vegan Buffalo Chicken Rice Skillet | Vegan chicken, brown rice & veggies make a perfect football meal! vegan recipe, buffalo chicken



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Vegan Buffalo Chicken Rice Skillet
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  • 1 TB olive oil
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 small carrots, chopped
  • 2 large stalks of celery, chopped
  • 2 C cauliflower, chopped into small bite-sized pieces
  • 1 C veggie broth (more if needed)
  • 10 oz vegan chicken strips, chopped and defrosted if frozen
  • 2 C cooked brown rice
  • 3 TB tomato sauce
  • 1/4 c hot sauce like Frank's Red Hot
  • 2 TB nutritional yeast
  • Vegan Ranch Sauce


  1. Add oil, onion and garlic to a large skillet/saute pan and cook about 3-5 minutes until onion is translucent.
  2. Add carrots, celery, cauliflower and veggie broth and cook covered for 10-15 minutes or until veggies are cooked through. You may need to add more veggie broth or water while cooking, however there shouldn't be too much liquid left after the veggies are done otherwise the dish will be too wet. You want a little coating on the bottom of the pan but if there's too much liquid once the veggies are finished cooking, pour a little out.
  3. Add rice, chick'n, tomato sauce, hot sauce, nutritional yeast and cook for about 3 minutes or until all ingredients are heated through.
  4. Top with some ranch sauce and serve!

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30 thoughts on “Vegan Buffalo Chicken Rice Skillet

  1. Wow, this is great idea and one i would not had even considered. A fab way to use red hot sauce too. I would love this for my working lunch.

  2. Yum cauliflower was def the right choice! I’m such a fan of buffalo flavor, so this is right up my alley! YUM!

  3. Damn girl! This looks so good! I may just have to make it (or get Terry to make it haha) this Sunday. I have to admit I didn’t even realize what this Sunday was until you mentioned it – I’m so sports clueless 😉

  4. I love all in one dinners, and I love buffalo sauce so this meal is a dream for me. XD I’ve been craving veggies lately (because they are lacking in my diet sadly) so this hopefully will get made soon in my house.

    1. I’ve tried to make a conscious effort lately to get more veggies in because slacking so bad in the veggie department. The best part about this recipe (besides the buffalo sauce) is that there are a lot of veggies in there but they’re subtle because they’re so small. 🙂

      Let me know what you think if you try it!

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